Our manufacturing experience can help the customers to solve all kinds of problem of bottle liquid leakage.


Glass Bottle with Brush, Dropper, or Sprayer for Nail and Cosmetic Industry

GH Plastic sells the glass bottles with caps and brushes for the customers to fill their nail polish, UV LED gel polish, and essential oils, etc. The bottles and caps can be printed logos as branded bottles for customers to sell their products with brands in the market, especially suitable for beauty and nail industry.

The glass bottles are available in a variety of shapes and capacities. GH Plastic also open the molds to produce the customized bottles and caps to meet different needs of customers.

GH Plastic also developed the existing 3 ml to 30 ml glass bottles with dropper, as a dropper glass bottle to be used for cosmetic essence, cuticle oil, perfume, glue, or essential oil. The dropper glass bottles with black or white plastic caps, or gold or silver aluminum caps in collar, are deeply loved by the clients who successively place orders. A series of dropper glass bottles are sold well in the market now.

In addition to black or white coated glass bottles, GH Plastic also made a series of glass bottles with wood grain design by coating and water stamping. The qualified wood-looking bottles can be used for UV LED gel nail polish too.

Over the years, GH Plastic has also developed some peripheral accessories to match the bottles, allowing customers to have more choices for the usage of nail polish, essential oils, perfumes, glue, paint, glue remover. For example, a plastic wiper insert used for the bottle mouth to reduce the amount of nail oil out of the bottle, a metal aluminum funnel convenient for filling the liquid into the small glass bottle, and different Acrylic gem with different colors attached on the top of plastic caps.

GH Plastic can open the molds to produce the flat wider brushes based on OEM order, to fit all kinds of nail gel polish of worldwide customers.


GH Plastic is a professional manufacturer of high quality nail polish bottles, plastic caps and brushes.

Based in Taiwan, GH Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a supplier and manufacturer of nail polish glass bottles, caps, brushes and droppers, since 2004.

Nail polish glass bottles with different neck sizes and shapes. 1,600 square meter one-stop and robot arm manufacturing center, accepts small orders, fast delivery, and beautiful packaging for bottles, caps, droppers and brushes. GH Plastic exports 80% of nail polish products globally, including 2.5ml-50ml nail polish and UV gel polish glass bottles, and 5ml-250ml pharmaceutical essential oil bottles and its accessories.

GH Plastic has been offering customers high-quality nail polish bottles, caps, droppers and brushes, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, GH Plastic ensures each customer's demands are met.