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Press Release for Paint bottle for UV gel nail polish

Paint bottle for UV gel nail polish

In response to the fact that the ingredients of the UV gel nail polish must be isolated from ultraviolet rays, and there are different color requirements for the outlooking of the bottle in the market, the nail polish bottle needs to be treated with different colors of baking paint on the appearance of the bottle. However, after multiple processing to achieve the coating, the coating effect often increases a lot of costs and defect rate. After many studies and adjustments, we found that adjusting the color density of the paint itself can be practical in one or two baking paint processes without affecting the adhesion, to achieve the successful result.

04 May, 2022 GH Plastic

In the production process, a black primer with an increased color concentration will be sprayed first to prevent the contents of the gel nail polish from being exposed to ultraviolet rays, and then white or other topcoats of different colors are sprayed with multiple spray guns thinly, to achieve the appearance of the bottle selected by the customer. This process greatly reduces the cost of baking paint and the defect rate caused by multiple processing.

From choosing paint, adjusting the color density of the paint itself, to the control of the spray painting process, the coated bottles of UV gel nail polish can not only isolate ultraviolet rays, but also in various colors, and the price is definitely reasonable.

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