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Factory Size in Square Meters: 1600 square meters

No. of Production Lines: 4

Standardization Certification: ISO9001

Export Markets: Global

Main Products: Nail Polish Glass Bottles, UV/LED Gel Glass Bottles, Nail Polish Plastic Bottles, Plastic caps, And Nail Brushes

Capital: US$ 1,034,500 (2010)

Our machines include:
1) 5 injection machines with computers, auto arms, and conveyors
2) 2 auto machines to implant the brush bristles
3) 1 lift machine

Our team includes 15 people:
1) 5 people for sales and marketing
2) 4 people for production
3) 3 people for QC and Inspection
4) 2 people for shipment
5) 1 people for accounting

QC Responsibility:
1) We offer about 0.5 % spare parts per shipment
2) QC and technical support
3) Raw material inspection and selection
4) Packing quality inspection
5) Packaging and carton loading inspection

Our Strength:
1) OEM capability
2) Expert technician
3) Customized molds development
4) Flexible production capacity for both large and small orders
5) All materials are compliant with SGS certificates