15ml Gel Nail Polish Bottles
15ml Empty Glass Bottle For Cuticle Oil

GH696BL- GH696R

15ml Empty Glass Bottle For Cuticle Oil

Clear glass bottle round 15 ml, 15/415 neck, with Double coatings in transparent blue or red:
- GH696BL: bottle in transparent blue
- GH696R: bottle in transparent red

GH12: Glossy white or black plastic cap, H36 mm, Diameter: 17.8 mm

With Dupont nylon brush

Ordering Information:
GH12 696BL: bottle + cap + brush
GH12 696R: bottle + cap + brush
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All the materials are made in Taiwan, compliant with SGS certificates
Product Material
Bottle Sodalime Stone Glass
Plastic cap PP
Brush stick PE
Bristles DuPont Nylon Tynex
Packing Information:

Normally we shipped over 10,000 bottles, caps, and brushes by ocean to the customers. Bottles, caps, and brushes are separately packed in the cartons, and all the cartons are packed on the pallets. 

We sell the empty nail polish bottles since 2004.

We sell a whole set of glass bottle with cap and brush.

We produce the plastic caps and brushes in our own factory.

All the products are made in Taiwan.

We provide extra bottles, caps, and brushes as spares for replacement in the shipment, in case any bottles are damaged during the transportation. 
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